About Us

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Our Commitment to Helping

The people behind this website has done, in their own ways, few tutorials about guitar playing. For some time now, we felt the need to extend our help to more people.

This is the reason why we have chosen the internet to be a medium in order to reach more people.

Our group contains quite a few talented individuals who’d like to dedicate some of their time in order to come up with content that will help you get through your starting days in learning how to play the acoustic guitar.

Our Commitment to Learning

Not only do we help others learn, we continuously learn ourselves. In order to become more helpful to you, we are committed to continuously learn the art of playing the guitar.

Through this, we know that we will be able to impart more information as well as advanced knowledge that is usable in your journey towards playing.

It’s A Learning Process

We want you to know that learning to play the guitar is a learning process. You may have trouble today but it’s going to get better tomorrow. For this reason, we are keeping our lines open for you so that you can reach out to us if ever you need us.