Acoustic Guitar Basics: 5 Ways to Easily Learn a Song

In order to familiarize yourself on how to play the guitar, one technique to employ is practicing a song over and over again. However, most beginners find it so boring that they would deviate from it and start practicing a different song without perfecting the other.

So, to avoid this scenario, we have come up with 5 ways that will help you learn a song. Through this way, you can increase your pace of learning and will avoid getting bored in the future.

Know the Song Like the Back of Your Hand

This means that you need to make sure that you have memorized in your mind every shift and turn of the music. Of course, since you’ll be playing the acoustic guitar, you need to focus your attention on the guitar part.

With this way, it will be easier for you to play it because you already know how it should sound like. Also, this could affect the way you strum.

For seasoned players, it is not enough that you know different kinds of strumming, what’s more important is that you know how to strum in order to make a sound that is the exact same thing from the song you’re listening.

Study in Parts

photo of person playing the guitar - Acoustic Guitar Basics: 5 Ways to Easily Learn a Song

Instead of trying to learn the entire song right away, why don’t you just focus on parts of the song? The thing about this technique is that you get to acquaint yourself with the finger transition, timing, and strumming of that part.

There will be parts that have the same pattern which would mean that it will be easier for you to perfect the song.

Do it With Feelings

man playing guitar by buildings - Acoustic Guitar Basics: 5 Ways to Easily Learn a Song

One of the downfalls of aspiring acoustic guitar players is that they just play for the sake of playing and nothing more. Real musicians play from the heart which is why if you do want to play a song without a problem, you must feel it with your heart.

Another advantage of putting your feelings in a song or while playing is that it also touches your audience. Believe it or not, the audience could feel whether you are sad, happy, or angry when you are playing.

And, they can definitely tell when you don’t like what you are doing. Practice this as early as now.

Get A Mental Picture

Some say that this doesn’t work but there is also a part of the population that say it does. Well, for those who say that it does, they claim that painting a picture in your mind actually stimulates a perfect performance since you can see, and apparently hear, what you are about to play.

Change the Key

man playing guitar on pathway  - Acoustic Guitar Basics: 5 Ways to Easily Learn a Song

For us, it is easier if the song that we are playing is in our key. The reason for this is because when you play the guitar, you tend to sing along with it. If you are not in your own key, it will just let you off and you’ll probably be lost in what you are playing.

For beginners, changing the key can be hard since you’ll need a reference tone in order to set every string. But it still is lucky for you because there are mobile applications that allow people to prep a guitar by tuning it the right way. It is also adjustable depending on the key that you want to use.

When learning a song, don’t give up right away. The first few tries are going to be hard and you’ll surely get calloused fingers. But, once you are over that, you’ll realize that everything you did was all part of the process, and it was worth it.

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